Hung Meng International Development Co,.Ltd --- Established in 1982

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Hung Meng International Development Co,.ltd established in 1982, we are enthusiastic about creating exceptional buildings especially Holiday resort ,theme park and paradise hotel, not only manufacture but also endue the spirit to the building this is our aim and sure it will be reached . From now on, Apart from the amusement place we also wish to popularize and wholesale the decorating building mold to get closer to the retail shops and residence, may you have any inquiries or anything unclear online please do contact us , we will assist you.

Our aim to study in the classical european architectural history is to gain the inspiration From the path of historical architecture of human being then create and give the new life to the architecture.

豪門國際發展有限公司成立於1982年,我們熱衷於創造出色的建築,尤其是度假勝地,主題公園和天堂酒店,不僅製造而且還秉承建築的精神,這是我們的目標,並確保將實現 。 從現在開始,除了娛樂場所,我們還希望推廣和批發裝飾建築模具,以便更靠近零售商店和住宅,如果您有任何疑問或在線上有任何不清楚的地方,請聯繫我們,我們將為您提供幫助。


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Our design not only persist in seeking the proof from the evolution of the architectural history but also investigate the artistic harmony of the architectural element in the European interior/exterior design.

The best learning routes to provide the design rules or the constructional principle to the architect is to study in classical European architecture.

Those rules and principles not only the creative root for the architect but also our growth process.

If you are planning to update the creative concept please do contact us. because of the project list below a demonstration of our professional.

We are pleased to provide our professional experience in design or construction of either interior/exterior design or garden mapping out. We also look forward to facilitating you to accomplish your dreaming ideas.

Our products vary from flowerpot, flower vase, interior/exterior fountain, home furnishings, garden statue, European style furniture, mural, candle stand, Christmas decorations, decoration molding to all kinds of sculpture.

The main materials of our product are GRP, GRG, and GRC.

We also design and customize the products to meet the demands of our clients.

Our products are normally applied to a theme park, Luxury Hotel, Gardening, school, landscape program me, temples....etc. All of our products conform to the International Quality Standards, so that we are accepted and approved by the international market.

With abundant experience over 25 years and number ous exquisite artistry sculptor team, we persist in the commitment of providing the best-quality products, top quality service and the competitive price.











3D建築科技時代豪門同步接軌 3D engraving new build technology

3D automated engraving machine combined with the construction process to show new scientific and technological buildings whether you want to design a special interior decoration, or outdoor modeling buildings, can use 3D sculpted, but also the company's continuous upgrading goal. At the same time we also have contract industry 3D automation agent execution, if interested peer friends can be delivered to us to carry out. Machinery service areas: China "Europe" Taiwan "United States" Australia "and other regions

3D 自動化雕刻機 結合建築工藝 展現出全新科技化建築無論想要設計特殊室內裝修造型,或者是室外造型建築,都可以利用3D雕刻塑型,也是公司不斷持續提升升級的目標. 同時我們也有承攬同業 3D自動化代理執行,若有興趣的同行朋友可以交付給我們執行 機械服務地區: 中國" 歐洲"台灣"美國"澳洲"等地區


The use of sculpture and light and shadow combined to create real situations, want to in bars, restaurants, Internet cafes, all kinds of business space, can create a variety of situations by the sea, forest, paradise, or space, can make the touch, and visual feeling, very real.


Hung Meng is not just a GRG GRC GRC material sculpture manufacturer, HungMeng from Europe and the United States international design architect team, whether it is theme park design and planning, or hotel or resort and building, or new sales plan, house decoration, HungMeng Will be your best partner, and to be architects of the best partner, many original architects have completed the design, Hungmeng can help architects deepen architectural design, face practice to turn design into reality, make design dreams into true.

Hung Meng不僅僅是GRG GRC GRC材料雕塑製造商,還是來自歐美國際設計建築師團隊的HungMeng,無論是主題公園的設計和規劃,還是酒店或度假村和建築,還是新的銷售計劃,房屋裝修,HungMeng 將成為您的最佳搭檔,並成為最佳搭檔的建築師,許多原始的建築師都已經完成了設計,豪門可以幫助建築師加深建築設計,面對實踐,將設計變為現實,使設計夢想變為現實。

GRC. GRP diversified material manufacturing is mainly the supply of special buildings and characteristics of the art building, from drawing to deepening the design, sculpture and then to the mold manufacturing until the scene to install, HungMeng are ISO high-quality operation, the More the more construction is more able to show rich in the technology can be played to the most perfect project, the past has been successful cases in recent years we can tell everyone that the dream to complete we made it the Shanghai Disneyland.

GRC。 GRP的多元化材料製造主要是提供特種建築和具有特色的藝術建築,從繪圖到加深設計,雕塑再到模具製造直至現場安裝,豪門均以ISO高質量運作,更多 建築更能展示出可以發揮最豐富技術的最完美的項目,過去幾年來成功的案例讓我們可以告訴大家,夢想完成了,我們把它做成了上海迪士尼樂園。

At the same time, if the design drawings or building specifications have been completed after the construction costs are often too high, or poor technology and so the quality of the project is not up to standard, so HungMeng can calculate the cost of your entire actuarial Engineering budget, but also for training all engineering and technical personnel so that the quality of the project as a general beauty, put an end to short board effect, All the engineering from HungMeng are also using BIM application technology, the project must have make a Mockup to every process on schedule, with samples and other inspection with the test to be a successful, can be carried out in large numbers, but also can control the actual project cost in line with the cost of the budget.

同時,如果在工程造價過高,技術水平差等情況下完成設計圖紙或建築規範後,工程質量達不到標準,那麼鴻盟可以計算出整個精算師的造價。 工程預算,還用於培訓所有工程技術人員,使工程質量大體上美觀,杜絕短板效應。鴻蒙的所有工程也都採用了BIM應用技術,工程必須具備 樣機能夠按計劃按部就班地進行,可以與樣品一起進行其他檢查和檢驗成功,可以大量進行,而且可以控制實際項目成本與預算成本相符。

Since 2000, HungMeng has a large number of European and American countries to develop large-scale container factory, our design team from Europe and the United States responsible for foreign trade product design and manufacture of furniture, whether it is candlestick, furniture, lighting, classical dining table, Christmas Christmas, man-made Stone, relief plate, artificial stone, white marble and other effects board, not only to meet the needs of the supply of classical luxury goods, taking into account the small and medium-sized families have European and American decorative design supply demand.

自2000年以來,豪門公司已在歐美許多國家發展大型集裝箱工廠,我們的設計團隊來自歐美,負責外貿產品的家具設計和製造,無論是燭台,家具,照明, 古典餐桌,聖誕節聖誕,人造石,浮雕板,人造石,白色大理石等效果板,不僅滿足了古典奢侈品的供應需求,同時也考慮到了中小家庭 歐美裝飾設計供應需求。

HungMeng International Development Co., Ltd. also developed special construction, with the hotel and resorts, hoping to drive the development of local people and multi-talent cooperation, but also hope to provide multiple choice of work, promote local development, and promote diversified life, More hope that the active society, so that art and entertainment is full of our living environment, but also hope to attract international talent stationed in Taiwan to invest in Taiwan, Taiwan to become Asia's economic and trade economy island country, look forward to if any cooperation please contact the Hung Meng, let us together Create a beautiful living environment.

豪門國際發展有限公司還開發了特色建築,與酒店和度假村一起,希望帶動當地人的發展和多才多藝的合作,也希望提供多種選擇的工作,促進當地的發展,並促進多元化 生活中,更希望活躍的社會,使藝術和娛樂充滿我們的生存環境,也希望吸引進駐台灣的國際人才來台灣投資,使台灣成為亞洲經貿的經濟島國,期待 如有合作請聯繫豪門,讓我們一起創造美好的生活環境。

3D Automation sculpture


Using BIM technology based on 3D planning modeling, direct output to CNC engraving can be opened to mold


GRG Material manufacturing of interior precast the wall by Hung Meng GRG 室內預製牆材料製造

GRG material manufacturing of interior precast the wall. Interior decoration is not just wood building materials or foaming and light compartments and other selected materials, can use GRG to make the interior has a special shape of the walls and ceilings outside can also complete full flame retardant, so that The life of the building lasts for a hundred years high technology level. Our actual projects of the Venetian Macao "Wynn Palace 'Parisian' Sands Hotel "MGM "Galaxy Hotel " Chimei Museum" Kaohsiung Weiwu Camp National Theatre 'Oriental Mandarin' Beijing Hotel and other related cases. 室內裝修不在只是木材建材或是發泡及輕隔間等選用材料,可以採用GRG讓室內擁有特殊造型的牆壁與天花板以外還能夠完完全全阻燃,讓室內裝修可達百年建築工藝水準. 我們的實際作品澳門威尼斯人“永利皇宮‘巴黎人’金沙酒店‘MGM“銀河酒店”奇美博物館”·高雄衛武營國家劇院’東方文華苑‘北京酒店等 相關案件

GRC 材料分析 / GRC Material Analysis

GRC 建築外立面裝修工程,GRC為傳統水泥纖維材料製成再後噴塗表面,目前新型的GRC材料無須後加工噴塗,製作成型後就直接安裝,媲美大理石般,主要是要來取代大理石用途的材料,讓想要採用大理石,但沒有太多預算情況之下選擇GMRC材料是您最佳的選擇,可以直接做成大型帷幕工法 !
GRC building facade decoration project, GRC for the traditional concrete fiber material manufactures after coating surface, the current new GRC material does not need post-processing, coating, after the production of molding directly installed, comparable to marble-Can be directly made into large curtain work law Is it the best choice for your project !
以下是 GRC / GMRC / GRP / GRG
等建築材料採用的工法選擇,可以提升對於材料認識 Following is GRC / GMRC / GRP / GRG
The industrial selection of building materials can enhance the understanding of the materials.


GRC Material comparison table

English version

GRC Material comparison table

GRC Material comparison table

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