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GRC 預鑄營造技術 Precast construction technology
GRC 預鑄營造技術 Precast construction technology

多元化的 預鑄水泥製品,不僅僅可以將水泥轉換成石材用料,也可以創造出多變性的歷史建築,極簡而大方建築創作,在此希望提供經驗提供與大眾分享,技術交流。

Diversified precast cement products, not only can be converted into stone materials, but also to create a variety of century-old buildings, as well as minimalist and generous architectural creation, in the hope of providing experience to share with the public, technical exchanges.

2017 Dream World Art Sculpture Of The Works

2017 latest catalog sculpture, project, design, hotel,  interior design outdoor design. Factory manufacturing………….

The GRC/GRP/GRG Manufacturer of Service Technology

Service From The Hung Meng International Development Co,.Ltd

This Weekly Dream Disney This week’s issue was reported in the hands of Shanghai Disney who created it. That is Taiwan’s Jianting in the chairman! !

Sculptural Works Of Theme Park Project 

— 2016

HungMeng Of the Image Story

All practical project case photos.– Until 2016

Cross Century Linear Building

The Book create a lot of molds and complete the actual project — Until 2016