The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel

Venetian Macau 澳門威尼斯人

GMRC 仿大理石義大利洞石帷幕建築

GMRC Imitation Marble Italian Cave Stone Curtain Building

施工區域: 室內 GRG / GMRC、室外 GMRC

Construction area: Indoor GRG / GMRC, Outdoor GMRC

澳門威尼斯人渡假村- 隸屬於美國拉斯維加斯金沙集團股份有限公司旗下,位於澳門路金光大道,以義大利威尼斯水鄉及著名雕塑為此建築特色,還參考了拉斯維加斯威尼斯渡假村設計藍本,為澳門目前最大型的度假式酒店。

Venetian Resort Macau – Owned by Las Vegas Sands Group Co., Ltd., located on the Strip of Macau Road, with the Italian Venetian Water Town and famous sculptures as its architectural features, but also reference to the Las Vegas Venice Resort design blueprint, the largest resort hotel in Macau.

GMRC 帷幕牆,安裝速度快速,無須噴塗 GMRC curtain wall, fast installation speed, no coating


Interior decoration, GRG plaster curtain wall combined with marble and oil painting paste finishing


Indoor Venice Boulevard, imitation of the entire Venice scene scene, ceiling spray, walls using GRG spraying, three-dimensional relief and Roman columns, window frames, wire panels and other products all using GMRC building materials and outdoor similar imitation Ofitalian stone cave texture effects


When entering the casino and shop street lobby ceiling is full of GRG combined mural construction, but also the use of many gold leaf technology, very grand brilliant.


In order to participate in the construction of european-style building top standards of construction qualifications, dozens of companies around the world competed for bidding, and finally by the door company won the opportunity to produce and develop, but also the success of the company’s use of GRMC to create a rare architectural works imitation of the cave stone!

此處 GRG羅馬柱 非常特別,帶了許多客人蒞臨參觀,但是常常被誤以為是大理石,事實上是GRG高纖維石膏與大理石塗裝的效果。

The GRG Roman columns here are very special, bringing many guests to visit, but are often mistaken for marble, in fact, GRG high-fiber gypsum and marble coating effect.

venetian02 venetian03


GMRC’s particularity, on the whole touch, as well as texture, as there is a temperature of marble, because it is a large number of open mold factors, in price is also very better than marble, in addition to the installation of components are also pre-buried in the factory in the product, convenient for the site installation of fixed, more simple and faster

venetian04 venetian05 venetian06 venetian07

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