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Planning and design from 3D to three-dimensional sculpture, and then to the completion of production, these molds have been completed through many procedures. I hope this mold can continue to be used, so that everyone can have French classical buildings. At the same time, it can also save the cost of molds. The materials also have fire prevention and flame retardant. They don’t rely on paint to prevent fire. These colleagues spend most of their lives working for art, The company belongs to a platform to increase the trading of practical works with the owners, so as to make the products more lively and more life. What we can do for these artists is to give them a stable and stable income. This is where the rich family has been pursuing excellence. Therefore, we have a research and development department. We need to develop 20 reports a year, which belongs to material evolution. We hope to have the opportunity to create them together, It can also create an international entertainment resort

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CategoriesHM News 公司訊息


How do you feel?
Is the previous 3D simulation almost the same as the actual site?
The advantage of precasting manufacturing is that it can be carved directly in the factory and produced automatically by computer through 3D files. Basically, the size is consistent, the structure is drawn by computer and the structure is well calculated, which can be actual builded 1:1
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