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GRC & GMRC 預鑄建材差異

After the concrete is finished, the ordinary GRC is sprayed with stone paint on the surface, which is completed by manually rolling and compacting after mixing with glass fiber blanket and concrete. However, the new GRC is formed by adding natural adhesive with ore and drawing glass fiber through high-speed coating by machine. The advantage is that the wire strip has high fineness, just like cutting with a knife. On the other hand, it has high toughness, It’s not easy to break. What’s better is surface treatment. Basically, it only needs tiny maintenance

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CategoriesHM News 公司訊息

GRG 預鑄歐式古典牆面

GRG 預鑄歐式古典牆面,量產製造,業主特別要金色,獨特描金處理,工廠大量製造規格品,現場無需混凝土結構牆,只需要鋼結構皆可,同時生產時皆可將鋼結構預埋,節省現場施工與時間成本
GRG Precast neoclassical wall is manufactured in mass production. The owner especially wants gold and unique gold treatment. The factory manufactures a large number of specifications. There is no need for concrete structure wall on site, just steel structure. At the same time, steel structure can be embedded during production saving on-site construction time and cost

UHPC 台南預鑄工廠

去年碰到人類第六次大滅絕,在疫情嚴峻情況所有台灣的幹部無法順利返回工廠,因此在台南的基地設置了第三間工廠,也在台北成立了新的公司,終於都正常上了軌道,設備也持續增加中,案場也順利交貨中,未來台南擁有兩間工廠服務於大家,無論是 GRP、GRC、GMRC、UHPC、GRG 預鑄工程營造及材料我們將採垂直整合工程管理,同時也包含預鑄設計再到申請建築執照與營造等整合服務。
Last year, there was the sixth mass extinction of mankind. Under the severe situation of the epidemic, all cadres in Taiwan could not return to the factory smoothly. Therefore, a third factory was set up in the base in Tainan and a new company was established in Taipei. Finally, they were on track normally, the equipment continued to increase, and the case site was delivered smoothly. In the future, Tainan will have two factories to serve everyone, whether GRP, GRC,GMRC, UHPC and GRG precast engineering construction and materials, we will adopt vertical integrated engineering management, and also include integrated services such as precast design, application for building license and construction.

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