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2017 中天亞洲台採訪豪門國際簡董事長ITIA亞洲奧斯卡獎

If you are in china Please click on the following this url : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjY3NDg4Nzg5Ng==.html 2017 中天亞洲台採訪豪門國際簡董事長ITIA亞洲奧斯卡獎,很榮幸中天新聞蒞臨珠海與浙江採訪豪門,這是萬分的榮幸,更感謝所有的客戶,疼愛與支持豪門,這是多麼萬分的恩典,感謝大家,感謝各位好朋友.
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First China Tourism Investment Leaders Summit

The annual ITIA International Award as an Oscar for Asia, thanks ITIA for giving us such a prize, which is the only Asian GRC Building Materials Award and the ability to express the future of the road is still long and must be ready to develop new works. Click here to view the report:: http://3g.163.com/touch/article.html?channel=news&docid=CFRAG6LN000187V5&from=singlemessage…
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豪門國際創造設計與利用何種建材打造主題樂園 20170310(中文版)

想了解主題樂園建材是如何打造的嗎,此影片內容有許多相關建材的建議,利用對的技術與建材GMRC.GRG.GRP可以減少工期,如何同步作業,並且讓材料可以注入藝術與生命,讓設計活靈活現顯現出來,接下來看看到底是如何打造“城堡”呢~ 中國地區請點擊以下網址:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjYzMTE3MzMzMg==.html
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