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Planning new project enthusiasm 規劃新項目的熱情

        Let's take look this a video record! If you can watch the video all finished This means that you have the zeal to design, sculptures and at the same time you know what kind of people and teams is you need or while you're ready to invest new projects. Let's roll stone change the world! 看看影片中! 如果當你可以將影片從頭看到完。這表示你具有設計雕塑規劃的熱忱同時更能夠了解正當你準備投資,你會需要甚麼樣類型的人才與團隊。我們共同改變世界!…
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Mapping projection with sculpture 投影和雕塑映射

      今天遇見了以前在迪士尼合作過的美娜聽到在海外雕塑與投影發展不斷持續擴大中、後續在合作案方面已經正準備著手進行、勢必讓大家歎為觀止! Today we met with the United States had previously worked in Disney Mina heard the continuous expansion of overseas sculptures and projection development, the follow-up cooperation in the area is now ready to proceed, is bound to make everyone amazing ! Shanghai Disneyland unveils spectacular fireworks show From: Orange County Register Exterior…
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GMRC 帷幕板防火實驗 GMRC Panel Fire Proof Experiment

        GMRC為石頭與水泥膠合物透過噴燈的方式進行防火實驗,可以知道GMRC可直接透過帷幕安裝後,直接灌漿作業,並且皆有一級耐燃功能. GMRC is a concrete and stone mix products Through the fire way of burning test, it is clear that complete fire prevention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtHFZaVglMA&feature=youtu.be [video width="1600" height="720" mp4="http://www.hungmeng.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/GMRC-帷幕板防火實驗-GMRC-Panel-Fire-Proof-Experiment.mp4"][/video]
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